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* 11.24.2005 *

this is boring. i am in class and i just thought of updating this blog.
i moved to somewhere but i know you'll find me there. hehehe. :) just look around.
i'm off to wherever.

blah. waaaah!!!

kia wished upon a star at 2:04:00 PM

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* 11.05.2005 *


if you can't find me here.
i'm off somewhere.

kia wished upon a star at 11:37:00 PM

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* 10.09.2005 *

freak show.

hahaha. nung isang araw sabi ng tatay ko umuwi na daw ako ng maaga. kasi never na ko umuwi ng maaga.

oh wells.

ang inuman, inuman. you throw up then you repeat the whole process again.
pero hindi ako gumagawa ng ganito. ibang tao naman ang ganun. heheheh.

can i just say, let's stop the drama and get back on track.
ganun talaga ang buhay eh, oh well, deal with it.

we think so much about things we ought not to think about, but we can't help ourselves but to do it.
life is such a crappy mistake and we never knew about it.
you get headaches and whatnot for stuff that wasn't meant for you.
or if ever it was yours, you just want to cry and it's not gonna do anything for you.
so there, goodluck to you.

kia wished upon a star at 12:03:00 PM

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* 9.18.2005 *


danggay..... shobe! loved your party. hahaha. :) ang saya.
pero nakauwi ako ng 5 am. mas masaya yun. hahahahaha.

kia wished upon a star at 1:59:00 PM

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* 9.10.2005 *


half of what i didn't want to believe just showed the truth to me. ohwell, that's how life is supposed to be.
at any rate, i'm sick right now and i have a major headache.
i can't breathe properly. plus this cough is getting on my nerves.
i'm tired and my muscles are sore from all the things i've been doing for the past 4 days.
i went to greenbelt yesterday to watch a movie which was supposed to be a suspense. but we were laughing out loud.
i've been sleeping for more than 14 hours (though it yielded very bad results when i wake up.)
classes start on monday and i think i'm about to get a headache.
let's go back to where we started. drop it.

kia wished upon a star at 10:34:00 PM

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* 9.05.2005 *


termbreak na. as for everything else, la salle people are bored. everybody's online for hours and everybody's been sleeping and whatever.

tangina. bakasyon ngayon. dapat magsaya pag bakasyon. or at least ako. kasi tototohanin ko na magiging non-existent na to next term. he he he.

kia wished upon a star at 6:30:00 PM

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* 9.03.2005 *

haha. there are things i owe to the world. it's too hard to explain bevause even i can't.

on the other hand, i can't wait to get out of here. or at least for the people to allow me to leave the house and forget all the problems i get everytime i wake up. that's why sometimes it's fun not to wake up in the morning because you don't know anything that happened already.

say goodbye to... whatever.

kia wished upon a star at 3:12:00 PM

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